* education *
Bachelor of Arts. McGill University, Montreal.

* publications*
Day Dreams of A Dull Girl. Chapbook. (November 2016)
Head in the Gutter. A Profile on Comics Artist Avalon Moore. Carte Blanche (2016)

* media experience *
Fundraising & outreach coordinator for a non-profit, campus-community alternative radio station. (2013-2016)
Host and producer for an environmental radio show. (2012)
Coordinator for a media project to provide youth artists, journalists, film makers and photographers with a mentor in their field. (2012)

* community & volunteering *
Community member to the Board of Directors. Concordia University Greenhouse (2015-2016)
SantroVelo Bike Mechanic. Santrapol Roulant. (2014-2016)

* workshops & presentations *
Workshop leader for DIY Bike Repair, part of the ‘Re:BODIES‘ workshop series. (2016)
Speaker for ‘Everyday Heroes: South Asian Youth In Action’. (2011)

* festival work *
Registration Team Leader. White Rabbit Art Festival (2016)
Bar & Transportation Manager. Full Circle Music Festival (2016)
Volunteer. Suoni Per Il Popolo (2015)
Volunteer. Pop Montreal (2013)
Assistant Volunteer Coordinator. Vancouver Fringe Festival (2012)
Volunteer. Montreal Fringe Festival (2012)