Eve Nixen grew up on the unceded territories of the coast salish peoples in North Vancouver. At the age of 18 she moved to Montreal and completed a Bachelors of Arts at McGill University. After a weighty experience travelling overseas ; Eve sought to better understand the relationship between herself and her surroundings. Her interest in International Relations transformed in a curiosity about her “own” community. She began volunteering for CKUT 90.3FM, a radio station and an integral part of the city’s political, musical and cultural fabric. She became immersed in the Montreal grassroots, social justice and alternative media community. Eve began hosting and producing short segments for Off The Hour, the daily news show and eventually joined Spitfiyah! Radio, an on-air collective for women of colour. In 2013, Eve joined the team of core staff that collectively managed the station, occasionally hosting music shows but mostly participating off air. After spending three years in her position at the campus-community radio station she decided to leave her post and pursue writing.

Eve is spellbound by both the natural landscapes of the urban jungle and rural communities around Turtle Island. She plans to continue writing fiction, poetry, non-fiction as a means of exploring her identity as a settler in these environments.

Eve’s first self-published chapbook ‘Day Dreams of A Dull Girl’ is a short collection of writing that weaves real life experience with blatant lies and exaggerations.

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